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declaration of love ~ 爱的声明

at a supermarket. a young family – daddy, mummy and a tyke of… three?? tyke was in mummy’s arms, kissing and hugging mummy. suddenly he asked to be let down. mummy complied. tyke toddle forward to daddy and ask for … Continue reading

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our bizzare world ~ 我们的奇怪世界

there are many times when reading newspapers really make you feel whether should you laugh or look on in amazement. in the printed Straits Times today: purchases on eBay Originally uploaded by yl. so, this is wat happens when online … Continue reading

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shit happens II

there are some stuff happening at a student’s place that i feel upset about, even though it would not be affecting me greatly in terms of professional and financial. in fact, professionally speaking, it allows me to streamline my operations … Continue reading

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sweet ~ 糖

for people who have visited supermarkets in Singapore would realised that certain birth control measures and sweets are placed near cashier counters. there was this once where a uniformed secondary school girl, while waiting for her few items to be … Continue reading

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loved ~ 被爱

the uncle serenaded me with his warm, comforting baritone voice before pressing $50 of his hard-earned money into my chopped garlic laced hands while i was preparing dinner. it started during the wee hours of this morning in fact, when … Continue reading

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dear-dear tales ~ 宝贝的故事

story as supplied by dear dear mummy… at a particular shopping centre, dear dear and family are shopping when… dear dear: *run to stand in front, facing her daddy and holding out her hands* daddy carry!!! daddy: okie… (auntie yl: … Continue reading

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shit happens ~ 天有不测风云

…and this time around, with my big mouth, i unwittedly became one of those to hurl the shit… i should really learn to keep my big fat mouth shut… to whoever i have hurt: i am really sorry. 。。。而这次,我的大嘴巴又闯祸了。。。我伤害了人。。。我真的应该学闭嘴。 给:我伤害的人 … Continue reading

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unrests ~ 起义

there are protests in Taiwan to attempt to bring down their scandal-n-embarassment-prone president. on the other hand, there are also supporters who held a supportive gathering to protest against the protests against the president. there are anti government protests in … Continue reading

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size zero – the brain or the physical?? ~ 零尺码 – 脑袋还是体积啊??

so, at least some sense had prevailed in the Spanish fashion. however, the same couldnt be said of the Milan and London scene. why must clothes be worn on super skinny women before the said design could be deemed to … Continue reading

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too easy ~ 太容易了

sometimes, i think that life shouldn’t be too easy and that one shouldnt have wished for a blessed life… you know, those type of lives where everything is eased over with family money, external flaws corrected with plastic surgery and … Continue reading

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