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how some parents’ brains work… if they have one!! ~ 某位父母的脑袋是如何运做的。。。如果他们有脑袋的话!!

some obnoxious people i came into contact did this to me: “cannot charge cheaper ar???? (“i am not able to do that as my fees are very reasonable already…” *which means your request is unreasonable!! :P*) oh… but you are … Continue reading

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my lunch ~ 午餐

i am so proud of my lunch today. without exact planning, i actually prepared an oil-free lunch for myself unknowingly. i had a portion of cold soba with some seafood sticks and a chawammushi. cold soba with seafood sticks = … Continue reading

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times have changed ~ 时事变了

i remember when i was in secondary school, lower secondary i remember, we were having home economics classes, we were on the chapters about family life and home management when my home economics teacher recounted this particular incident that happened … Continue reading

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food cravings ~ 热衷于的食物

for my last few meals, i have been eating a single type of food. yes, a single type of food – boiled vegetables. dun ask me why… i dun understand it as well. i had wong bok soup yesterday dinner. … Continue reading

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encounters with dear dear ~ 宝贝“历险”记

i hope you all remember the dear dear who tried to invent her own time machine to make daddy come back earlier. well, with her speech development improving at a very very much faster rate of Singapore’s cost of living, … Continue reading

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a lesson on hormone ~ 合尔蒙的教训

i bought these because i once saw them on passerby A’s blog and how she is going to recruit her little one and little friend to be research assistants to test them out. they look yummy… Tam tams!! Originally uploaded … Continue reading

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yes, i need to have it in front of me ~ 是的,我就是需要放在我面前

i just realised that a corner of my workdesk is occupied by lotions, creams, medicine and watever-have-nots. i am a person whose memory work by triggers. i need to have the thing in front of me to remind me to … Continue reading

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you know me so well?? ~ 你那么了解我吗??

***You Are An INFJ*** The Protector You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity. Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision – no matter what it is. You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience. … Continue reading

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Holst, the psychic ~ 霍尔斯特,那位预言家

1920 in Birmingham. English composer Holst‘s The Planet Suite was first performed to the public. he went on to live for another 14 years before finally passing away in 1934. sometime in 2003-2004, when i first started out studying music … Continue reading

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porridge ~ 粥

…presenting the WORST porridge i have ever eaten. it was watery, not at all thick and sticky as all self-respecting porridge should be. it is packed away in a pretenious plastic box with the you tiao placed on top of … Continue reading

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