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dim sum ~ 点心

at a particular hotel that offers dim sum high tea buffet, yl the dim sum monster appears… har-gows!! siew mais (in the semi corner)!! and some other new steamed dim sum by the chef… Originally uploaded by yl. all gone!!!! … Continue reading

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best deal ~ 最好交易

just today, i went to a music store to buy some scores and books. my total purchase: S$50 entitled discount: 20% (S$10) which means, my grand total: $40 so, i gave the cashier a $50 note… and the cashier wanted … Continue reading

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fairy tales ~ 童话故事

someone called me in the dead of the night (about 2am) just as i was about to zonk out to cry confide in me about her problems with her boyfriend. they used to be on the verge of preparing for … Continue reading

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solo trip ~ 单独的旅程

sometimes humans are such funny creatures. sometimes, one just wakes up, look in the mirror while brushing their teeth and go, “geez, no, i really dun like myself this way. lumpy, obese and unflattering with a single pea for a … Continue reading

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cement ~ 定型了

if this incident give hints of me being a smartass who tend to make things tougher for my classmates, then the following incident would have cemented it. on monday night, i received an sms from a classmate, A: hey yl, … Continue reading

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他与她分手了。不知道为什么,我居然成为他们两人的爱情顾问。别问我为什么。但是两个人居然还是那么有默契 – 一个选择与我吃午餐,另一个则想一起去吃晚餐,省去了我为了别让对方尴尬而得说个无聊的谎言来安排时间的麻烦。结果??原来两个对的人在错的时间做对的事情也是个错误。两个彼此在乎的人在对的时间做错的事,也是一个错误。听不懂??我却听懂了他们言语中对彼此的关心与在乎。虽然说是分手,但我想应该多一点冷战的成分在内吧!!两个小孩子,却爱扮大人。不明白我在说什么??或许感情本来就不是让人听懂或明白的吧!!

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smile ~ 笑

that’s right!! smile on, Singapore!! smile!!! you are on candid camera!!! Originally uploaded by yl. hahaha… imagine this scenario: at the airport. visitor: excuse me, could you help me? sgrean, flashing the brightest smile: oh, yes sir?? how may i … Continue reading

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do you want me??? ~ 你要我吗??

for those located in Singapore only. Doggie Looking For A Home 18 July 2006 Hi guys, if anyone can give this little puppy a home, or foster the puppy while we look for a home for her, or knows anyone … Continue reading

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pesky sales ~ 可恶的行销人员

i realised that if i am pursuing a full time career in CIA or any other hush-hush organisation, i would be out of job real soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ just today, when i was in my room, my phone went off. i … Continue reading

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smartass ~ 假聪明

one part of my AMusTCL homework last week was to copy out passages from the Riemenschneider edition of Bach’s 371 harmonized chorales to get us used to Bach’s harmonizing and writing of chorale style, which forms a major part of … Continue reading

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