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sick ~ 病了

i woke up to a sore spot in my throat today. i know i do not have a choice any more. i have to see the doctor. there is no escaping now. for 35 bucks, i got a box of … Continue reading

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colours of life ~ 人生色彩

funny how everything seemed to change when one is in a relaxed and good mood. everything appears to be more colourful now. relaxed, i decided to do my orchestra score analyzing. out came the Schumann’s piano concerto. i also dug … Continue reading

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was feeling a tad tired, lethargic and very negative for these few days. i just felt that i was underchieving and that everything was wrong for me. murphy’s law apply in almost every single case. then i have to meet … Continue reading

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shit happens ~ 麻烦事。。。

there are many times i wonder: wat’s the point of being reglious, praying and going for all the various religious activities when one doesnt think and really practise wat they preach?? wat’s the point then?? for show??? or hoping that … Continue reading

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i need help!!!! ok, i am trying to come up with a music flash card type of thingy. and i need help with this: A B C D E F G given the above letters, form baby words as my … Continue reading

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let it be known… ~ 让人知道。。。

…i do eat healthy stuff like soups with no oil and stuff!!!! in fact, contrary to popular beliefs, i like soups and stuff more… blog pictures reflects only those period of time where i get into some very experimental mood … Continue reading

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wat is this?? ~ 这是什么??

can anyone tell me wat is this?? Originally uploaded by yl.

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曾经某某人说过:“要有原则嘛!!!做人要有原则的!!” 现在,当原则与利益起了冲突,某某人却选择了利益,放弃了原则。当初如果某某人没把“原则”这词汇那么大声地放在嘴边,现在发生这种事可能我还勉强能放过。毕竟没有原则的人,本来就不会做出什么有原则的事。偏偏他就是要先声明自己是有原则的人,所以现在我才会那么看不起他了。 原来某某人的原则就是钱。一个家变成这个样子,真可惜。

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facing death in the eye… ~ 面对死亡。。。

i have just sorted out all the materials i have to go through for my higher music education (both practical, teaching and theory). then i realised… i have 10 books to read/work on, 3 pieces to prepare, 3 books that … Continue reading

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mensuration ~ 测定

this conversation took place between two individuals. it demonstrate the latest distance measuring unit. A: the student’s place is really at the end of a very lonely long winding road. from the map, i can even see sentosa in the … Continue reading

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