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traditional vs simplified ~ 繁体与简体

she was the one who started it out first with her comment of: (BTW, just found out Sin Chew Daily 星洲日报 still using traditional Chinese! gosh… so outdated.) this sets me thinking. when i was in school, i flunk my … Continue reading

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near-miss ~ 差一点儿

Next time when you’re walking on the road, please remember two things: 1) When you’re at the traffic light, and the light turns green for pedestrians, make sure ALL the cars have stopped before you cross 2) When you’re at … Continue reading

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bak chang ~ 棕子

the auntie made rice dumplings today. the difference?? well, for the past few years, we used to make rice dumplings with skinned chicken instead of pork for a healthier version. however, as a majority of the family was still coughing … Continue reading

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Nature’s tapestry ~ 天然刺绣

as i was walking on the overhead bridge, i happened to see a spider’s web. thinking that perhaps the nearby lamp-post would enable me to take a nice photo of the web’s pattern, i whipped out my Nikon camera and … Continue reading

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少年得志时,不需要骄傲或以志气逼人。小心将来不是少年身了,也不在得志了,遇到火烧眉毛时,人家不浇水,反而加油来消消当年的怨气。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~最痛的时候是被最不应该伤害自己的人伤害的时候。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 人生在世上,不需要去羡慕人,不需要去与人争夺不属于自己的事物。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 健康与快乐最珍贵,也最重要。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 人,自己发脾气是一种忍无可忍。别人发脾气却是一种无理取闹。

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quiet time ~ 安静的时分

so, for the month of may, i survived a 3.5 day seminar, having only less than a week to prepare for my own exam and also having to force-teach bloodsuckers piano students who dun practise and couldnt be bothered (geez, … Continue reading

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i have a dream ~ 我有一个梦想

no, this is not about Martin Luther King. its about this strange dream that i had again yesterday night. i seldom dream. lots of day dreaming… but definitely no dreaming when i am actually sleeping. but i had such a … Continue reading

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symphony of coughs ~ 咳嗽交响曲

due to the terribly horrible weather, everyone in my family is having coughs now. i once cough until everywhere also paink paink. my mom now complains of the same problem – her diagraphm hurts. dad, being the man, did not … Continue reading

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i thought… ~ 我以为。。。

my exam timetable is out sometime ago. after taking a quick glance at it, i found that my paper is on 24 May 2006. and i assume that its on thursday. brilliant. Assume – where one makes an ASS out … Continue reading

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Da Vinci Code ~ 《达·芬奇密码》

i watched the Da Vinci code today. for someone whose last movie is Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King, i acted real fast to catch this movie. well, having flexible hour helps quite a fair bit as … Continue reading

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