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CHOP! CHOP!! CHOP!!! ~ 印!印!!印!!!

i was shopping around Popular bookstore yesterday when i saw these stamps. so cute!!!! couldnt resist and bought some, thinking i could stamp on my student’s work whenever the occasion arises. positive encouragement counts. click to see a clearer picture. … Continue reading

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toilet upgrading ~ 厕所翻新

WE ARE UPGRADING OUR TOILETS TO SERVE YOU BETTER!! “darn!! serve me better!! but i need the toilet now!!” i thought. “hmmm how about level 2??” WE ARE UPGRADING OUR TOILETS TO SERVE YOU BETTER!! “shit!! also upgrading!! hmmm, still … Continue reading

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from my mobilephone… ~ 我手机里的短讯。。。

i cleared those SMSes that had been sitting in the inbox of my mobilephone for the longest of time. here’s some of the gems: 以简讯消磨时间称为“信生活” 只收不发叫“信冷感” 发错对象是“信骚扰” 发不出去是“信功能障碍” 看着信息傻笑的基本上一达到“信高潮” 米的妈妈是花,因为花生米,米的爸爸是蝶,因为蝶恋花。米的外公是爆米花,因为抱米又抱花。米的男朋友是谁?? 答案:老鼠,因为老鼠爱大米。 世间朋友情长在,上班日子真无聊,岁月跟着时间跑,每天总想问声好,看着天上流星跑,愿你过得比我好,天天快乐无烦恼,开开心心活到老。 新年祝你: 鼠钱不完 牛那样壮 虎虎生威 兔气扬眉 龙马精神 蛇得消费 马到成功 … Continue reading

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difference between male and female ~ 男女之间的不同

in the lift. a family walks in, a mum with a baby in her arms and a dad carrying a baby bag and holding the hand of their toddler son. mum: how come the bag is so small?? dad: eh?? … Continue reading

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progressive rate ~ 增长率

my election perks progressive package is not in my bank account. apparently, the crediting is done in stages. have to understand that coz, although Singapore is a pee sai small country, they still have to do the crediting in batches. … Continue reading

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从隔壁的音乐室传过来。 老师: 为什么人家是举一反三,你却是举一反三分之一呢?!?!?!

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Airplane humor

i saw this as one of the toilet literature provided in someone’s toilet… After every flight, Quantas Airlines pilots fill out a form called a gripe sheet,which conveys to the mechanics problems encountered with the aircraft during the flight that … Continue reading

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this and that

first its noodles… and now its golf… the chinese invent everything… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hong Kong actor Lousie Koo (古天樂) was being interviewed. i thought he spoke in Cantonese. then i realised… he was speaking very heavily cantonese accented chinese…  :S

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crazed ~ 疯了

someone called me at freaking 3-ish am this morning. as i was sleeping like a pig, i didnt answer. i wonder wat does that mean?? i was quite quite sure that this is not someone i know. another person called … Continue reading

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fun tag

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4. “However, when the hazard lights are…” (Advanced Theory of Driving book i procured from my brother-in-law… which i havent even start reading…) 2. Stretch your … Continue reading

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