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fusion salad ~ 融合沙拉

someone i knew commented that i seldom blogged about the food i experimented/ate these days. another someone i knew commented that i am an unhealthy eater based on the food entries in my blog. so, today, to prove these two … Continue reading

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battery ~ 电池

sometimes, i feel that i am like a battery with positive and negative powers. i am usually stronger in the positive charges. but these days, i feel that my positive energies gets sap up darn fast and they do not … Continue reading

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mission impossible: a cleared clean room ~ 不可能任务:一间干净的房间

the virgo side of my cross sign kicked in today and i started clearing and cleaning up my room. my target: a floor that is not littered and parked by books, purchase bags of stuff and others. while clearing, i … Continue reading

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who are you?? 你是谁??

phone went tinkling to signal an incoming call. caller: yl ar, do you still want more piano students ar?? me: ar… yeah… caller: i have a student who wants to have lesson… blab blab blab blab me:*thinks* who are you?!?!?!?! … Continue reading

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convenience ~ 方便

remember this where i scooted downstairs for an after-dinner stroll and ended up $25.80 poorer?? well, two of the books i bought downstairs are those sci-fic in two parts… of which i had bought only the first part but not … Continue reading

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too much of a good thing ~ 太多好事

i only wanted to scoot downstairs for a quick after-dinner walk. now, i wonder if having second-hand book traders coming by near your place to display and sell books on a regular basis is a good thing. there is such … Continue reading

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parenting (Bio)hazard ~ 亲子(生化)危险

i am sure people would remember dear-dear, a ermmmmm dear-dear who tried to invent her own time-machine. well, daddy came back. dear-dear was in the toilet doing BIG business. having heard the main door click open, dear-dear jumped up from … Continue reading

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the bad news just came and came ~ 坏消息来了又来

remember this post where i gleefully announce that i want to go for “A” levels?? well, forget it. coz i might not go for it in the end. another agent just called. a parent is due to start in mar. … Continue reading

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reframing your perspective ~ 改观

sometimes, i think negativity is only a matter of how one sees things. so is positivity. hence, after my last i-feel-i-am-so-pathetic post, i decide to try to snap out of it all with an ancient old method taught to me … Continue reading

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wat’s wrong with me?? 我到底怎么了??

sigh, another student had called off the deal after just one lesson, giving the reason of “they have found another teacher.” which made me think: wat is it tat made me inferior to the other teacher they have found?? i … Continue reading

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