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breastfeeding moms ~ 母乳妈妈

received this in a mass mail from a friend. since i noe i do have some breastfeeding moms visiting my little corner in the cyberspace, i just gotta share with you all!! 在朋友的一个电邮见到这个。居然我知道有好几位抚乳妈妈很赏脸地时常来我的这个网络小角落,我就是得要和你们分享!

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when there’s a will, there’s a way ~ 有志者事竟成

remember this?? Originally uploaded by yl. an ex-colleague in Tianjin has helped me bought a copy of it!!!!! she even apologised for buying the last few browsing copies on the shelf as there is no more shrink-wrapped copies around!!! hahaha!!!! … Continue reading

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on customer service ~ 客户服务

these days, i had the misfortune of having to make frequent calls the helpdesk of a particular “ocean-name” ISP. and everytime i call in, they always managed to get me fuming despite their friendly and rather knowedgeable manual readers troubleshooting … Continue reading

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。。。愿者上钩!!saw this from Eileen’s blog. not a tag but just like how some of the service staff in some stores would say, “want to do, do. dun want to do, dun do!!” :P What time did you get up this … Continue reading

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the girl in the picture ~ 照片中的小女孩

“how can you waste your food!! think of those Vietnamese refugees who dun have enough to eat!!!!” sounds familiar?? some of us might grow up amidst such admonitions. i should know. i did. and perhaps that was one of the … Continue reading

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in the mood for tango ~ 在心情为探戈

i dunno how or when it started. must have been the Yoyo Ma’s Soul of Tango CD. it stirred something in my heart. and i wanted to play such music as well. it made me whistle LiberTango all day and … Continue reading

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cute ad ~ 可爱的广告

how many animals from the chinese zodiac are you able to spot from the chinese paper cut below? 从剪纸当中你能看见几个动物?? click here for a bigger image. Originally uploaded by yl.

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horoscope ~ 星座运程

at the beginning of the year, how many of you out there has the habit of checking out your fortunes for the coming year?? well, i do. put it down to self-preservation. i practise selective reading when i read these … Continue reading

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anchorwoman’s blog ~ 8频道新闻主播的博客

haha!! you have heard her read the news to you. you might have heard her sometimes on radio. interested in reading her blog??8频道新闻主播徐赟羚 哈哈!!你们听过她对你们播报新闻。你们可能听过她在播音台的. 有没有兴趣读读她的博客??8频道新闻主播徐赟羚

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withdrawal symptoms ~ 撤退症状

internet connection still playing tricks with me. we are more or less confirmed that as long as our neighbour’s contractors are still messing around, we would never be able to get a decent connection. speaking of this set of new … Continue reading

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