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pasir panjang road ~ 巴西班让路

i used to love the stretch of Pasir Panjang Road starting from the point where one turns from clementi road to the point near South Buona Vista Centre/the village is. i like it a lot because i find the houses … Continue reading

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report: Fury in Malaysia over Islamic bill on polygamy, divorce

i read. i sigh. i thank my lucky stars that i am not a Malaysian Muslim woman. Fury in Malaysia over Islamic bill on polygamy, divorce Time is GMT + 8 hours Posted: 30 December 2005 2247 hrs KUALA LUMPUR … Continue reading

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comments on Heavenly Sword

this was my comment on Heavenly Sword’s post. Bravo!! i am a piano teacher and i like what i am doing. my pet peeve?? the following words that certain parents love to ask,”teacher, when is she ready for exams?? i … Continue reading

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shopaholic ~ 购物狂

i was seldom a window shopper coz i thought many of the stores/shopping centres in Singapore lack variety is too expensive for the goods they carry has rude and unhelpful store assistants generally doesnt sell weird or funny things however, … Continue reading

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why do i have this type of friend?? 2 – the friend who spoilts your holiday ~ 我为什么有这样的朋友??2 之度假破坏者

yes, another complaint on behalf of my long-suffering (ermmm, from my nonsense…) uni buddy, Minamiz, again. today, she was relieving work stress when Oops! …I did it again MiNaMiZ – Everything Happens For A Reason, And The Reason Is YOU … Continue reading

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The Arts power list 2005 ~ 艺术名流单2005

hmmm, ST Life! has compiled a list of people and events that mattered in the Arts in 2005. wat caught my attention was, of course, this: Click to read details Originally uploaded by yl. yes, gotta admit some bias is … Continue reading

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why do i have this type of friend?? 我为什么有这样的朋友??

i complain on behalf of a uni buddy, Minamiz. this is how i torture her… the msn conversation starts off with a discussion on when we are paying our uni fees when i suddenly surprised her with… YL ~ chocolated … Continue reading

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bookie conversations with duckie ~ 与网友聊书

when one is bored, i would suggest reading or sleeping as a better course of boredom reduction. please, at no point of time, should one try to surf around the internet before realising that it is possible to surf to … Continue reading

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2004 Indian Ocean tsunami ~ 2004印度洋海啸

to all who lost their lives last year this day: REST IN PEACE

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now you see it, now you dun… ~ 你见到了,又不见了。。。

yes, the modem is in a flirtatious mood again. apparently the last time around, Pacnet didnt do anything to correct the problem. wat happened was that they did put in the request for physical line checking but the check did … Continue reading

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