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176 freakin jiaozi later… ~ 176 个饺子过后

i tried making jiaozi on my own today. i made 176 of them, all frozen in the fridge now. and i even managed to turn my mom, a kitchen veteran with n decades of experience, into my kitchen helper. i … Continue reading

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real-life lessons ~ 现实的教训

quiet night. i was practising my chinese calligraphy when i decide to call it quits. having poured too much ink, i decided to open up the ink bottle and “return” the remaining ink back to the bottle. Using too much … Continue reading

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Garlic Mushrooms ~ 蒜头磨菇

i think one of the better inventions humans came up with after sliced bread is the canning preservation method. with the preservation method, i got to taste exotic fruits, sweet corn kernels and of course, mushrooms!!!! my favourite garlic mushrooms: … Continue reading

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Uncles from the school of Rock blog

Wooohoooooo!!!! banish the thought of blur blur dowdy uncles from your minds!! these uncles rock blog okkkkkk!! Good Morning Yesterday by Uncle Lam Chun See Taking Up The Challenge by Uncle Victor Koo frannxis’ blog by Uncle Frannxis Bad News … Continue reading

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原来人睡不着,就是会胡思乱想。以下就是我胡思乱想的结果: 蛮横无理,乐了吧 百般迁就,累了吧 坚持到底,苦了吧 不欢而散,算了吧 你的快乐,在别人面前是一种撑强 你的幸福,在别人面前是一种炫耀 你的看法,在别人面前是一种自以为是 你的成功,在别人面前是一种不劳而获 你的志气,在别人面前是一种无药可救 我的快乐,不需要你的认同 我的幸福,不需要你来祝福 我的看法,不需要你来接受 我的成功,不需要你来检定 我的志气,不需要你的认可 因为这就是我的作风 我有我的快乐要享受 我有我的人生要过 我有我的梦想要追求 我有我的看法要坚持 我有我的成功要庆祝 我有我的志气要吹鼓 算了,无情无义 追求,不见结果 缘分,寥寥无几 未来,模糊不清 接受,委屈自己

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vandalism ~ 破坏公务

no, i am not at a public library. no, i am not at a primary school library where, perhaps, some children tends to be less socially aware. no, i am not at a secondary school library where, perhaps, caters to … Continue reading

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ok, i shall go back on my promise of no more badly written haiku. from the school library: quiet library i worked while fellow library user coughs like dying i am in my sanctuary. librarian working no more drilling nor … Continue reading

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renovations ~ 装修

my neighbours (or rather ex-neighbours) downstairs had moved out. and the new neighbours have decide to give the apartment a major make-over before moving in. so we have been living in noise, dust, dirt and vibrations on our feet since … Continue reading

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food!! 食物!!

today is my food day. first, i tried my hands at cooking the lao doufu(meaning: old tofu) i had eaten at a restaurant some time ago. its basically a piece of cold doufu with some hot gravy drenched over it. … Continue reading

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a silly reason why you should blog ~ 一个无聊的博客理由

i am going to tell you one of the silliest reasons why one should blog: i am blogging now coz i just lost the book i am currently reading… in my own flat. i had already shutdown my computer for … Continue reading

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