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copied this in full from Stardom Dreamer. again, i like and would want to keep a copy filed away. now now, yl… hold those spending… save… save… save… The new Poor? I attended a wedding dinner yesterday at Clarke Quay. … Continue reading

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Irish Philosophy

i first saw this when i was ermmmm doing some business in someone’s bathroom. i like. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Philosophy Of Life In life, there are only two things to worry about, either you are well, or you are sick. If you … Continue reading

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i wonder… ~ 我想。。。

how should one tell a well made-up lady tat even if she had applied overpowering perfume, she still needs some deodorant at the armpit area?? that perfumes and deodorant are essentially doing two different tasks?? the deodorant is “applied to … Continue reading

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Yann Arthus-Bertrand

if anyone walks along orchard road from forum, along Hilton hotel to right outside far east shopping centre (its far east shopping centre, not the hip hip far east plaza), one would notice a whole stretch of beautiful aerial photographs. … Continue reading

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WHEEEZ!!! I AM FAMOUS… for five mins!~ 哦!!! 我出名了…就短短的五分钟!!

moral of the story: do not visit when you are eating instant mee in front of your computer. coz when you suddenly realised that you had been tomorrowed, you would most probably splutter and go “AR????”. when you are … Continue reading

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Disabled Toilet cum Changing Room (Singapore version) ~

because a Malaysian blogger blogged about the lack of proper diaper changing facilities in Malaysia, we, Singaporeans must be damm arrogant and show our neighbours up north tat we, Singaporeans in a little red dot, can do things even better!! … Continue reading

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Orchid ~ 兰花

this is a post i copied from A Doc’s Life. i had copied it out in full coz i liked it very much and Dr BL Og has a disturbing habit of blogiciding and returning but suddenly deleting all his/her … Continue reading

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shudder shudder ~ 发抖

heard this from someone and i shake my head. a pair of twins – one boy, one girl. with this pair’s arrival, the parents hired two maids instead of one. the plan was that one of the maids should be … Continue reading

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tis is the season… ~ 这个季节是…

for T’ang Quartet previews and concert again! previews: Date:1st November 2005 Time: 6pm Place: Borders Bookstore Date: 12th November 2005 Time: 6pm Place: Plaza Singapura details of actual performance… click on image for further details: details… click for further details… … Continue reading

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我不是想当中文老师(没资格。。。),但是昨晚(今天凌晨??)当我躺在床上昏昏欲睡时,我从收音机传出来的声音中听到yes933 DJ 林佩芬说到这段话:“播音室里的这两架用来看SMS电脑。。。” 啊??一架电脑???不错,“架”是量词,也可以用于机器、机械之类,但是“架”这个量词是用在较大的机器、机械 – 一架飞机等等。电脑的量词是一台 – 一台电脑。 我的中文不好,但是这一点我是蛮有信心的。。。:P

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