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sugarcane juice ~ 甘蔗汁

its been a long time since i last ate at the Bukit Timah Food Centre. remember those days where i ate there at least once a week. that was like, hmmmm, around 8 months ago?? i bought my food. and … Continue reading

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dreams ~ 梦景

a dream. strange. i usually do not dream. or rather, i usually do not actively remember my dreams as i sleep like a pig, giving out usual snores and teeth grinding, according to some unfortunate roommates. i have been dreaming … Continue reading

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flirting with danger ~ 与危险共舞

Is there any way you could put off your chores for just a little while longer and revel in this feeling? Why not? this is my astrology reading today. i put off the chore of doing my 1000-word report due … Continue reading

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languages ~ 语言

is this the reason why we are told by certain experts not to expose the child to too many languages from young? i am an ardent supporter of multilanguages exposure at young! Sept 27, 2005 A sad US disdain for … Continue reading

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elephant in the barbie world ~ 活在芭芘娃娃世界里的大象

i am a plus-sized girl living in a country where the females are obsessively trying to lost weight. many times, when i walk into a particular pharmacy in Singapore, the promoters there would amble to me in a too friendly … Continue reading

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the saddest conversation i have heard ~ 我听到最伤心的一段对话

a conversation between my friend and a little boy of four years old. as narrated by her. friend: why are you so upset?? boy: i upset. mummy is angry with daddy. mummy bring me go to popo. popo is angry … Continue reading

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QUINTEssenTial music ~ 五重奏音乐

bought the tickets to the next T’ang Quartet (yes, them again.) concert. even managed to persuade someone else to come along. as usual, i am the ultra-important ticket guardian. no one gets in without me!! :D title: T’ang Quartet in … Continue reading

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daddy & baby ~ 父女

overhead today. a daddy with a toddler daughter and a friend. friend: ah… your daughter is so cute… didnt see her for quite some time and she grew up so much! daddy: yeah… she’s talking my ears off these days… … Continue reading

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i wish… 我希望。。。

i wish for happiness. i wish for health. i wish for peace. i wish for everything. too excited when i saw the cake… ate a bite before snapping the photo. Originally uploaded by yl. 我祈求快乐。 我祈求健康。 我祈求和平。 我祈求全部。

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i support the T’ang Quartet ~ 我支持唐四重奏

whenever anyone heard tat i like and fully support the tang quartet, call me sensitive but i could almost sense a smirk immediately. like i am some hormone charged female who simply support them coz they are good looking. as … Continue reading

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