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saved! 获救了!

i want to puke since my dinner last night… diarrhoea till now… MacDonald’s evil!! problems happened two hours after my MacDonald foldover dinner. so most probably its due to that… must be getting old and slow… so cannot take fast … Continue reading

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these strangers!! 陌生人!

i received the following sms from a totally unfamiliar number Hi, How’re u doing? Hope u are fine. At this moment, i’m working on a project with a friend who jux came from Australia. I wish to share this news … Continue reading

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blogs ~ 博客

sometimes, the best part of blogging is reading the blogs of fellow bloggers and the blogs these bloggers read as well. well, if you faithfully follows the antics of a blogger through his/her blog, it signifies a form of informal … Continue reading

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masterclass with Professor Lee Kum Sing

Sunday: during our lesson, Ms Lim said,”there is a masterclass at Nafa tomorrow at NAFA. from 4pm to 6pm.” damm! at the precise hours that i am not free! darn! Monday: “yl, i have to cancel for today!” Yeah!!!!!! can … Continue reading

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i am brilliant, you see!! 你看,我很聪明

i brilliantly planned to go to the gym today. i brilliantly filled in the gym membership application form and stuck a copy of my fat face onto the form. i brilliantly packed in my gym stuff. i brilliant left the … Continue reading

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deeper shit… 更糟了。。。

[note: this is supposed to be published on saturday night. but the brilliant me forgot to click on the “PUBLISH” button… yl would also like to apologise to Mandrake for being cranky and disturbing his work, asking him about my … Continue reading

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deep shit ~ 完蛋了...

yes, i am in deep shit. my weekend schedule goes like this: saturday: sleep late. chongqing hotpot buffet lunch. planning to check out Jac‘s poem book and go T’ang Quartet’s CD “launch” at Earshot, the Arts House. drink at Jazz … Continue reading

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W-H-Y? 为什么?

my mom says that i have always been different from my siblings eversince i was young. i doubt she meant the positive way though. my reactions. the way i do things. the things i say. even the way i write … Continue reading

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confession ~ 招供

ok, i confess. i have been bad. i have been very bad. i did not exercise for the past one week coz i am sick, tired and too busy with work and more work. i noe that is no excuses. … Continue reading

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the ice cream theory ~ 冰棋零道理

you bought an ice cream cone. you pay for the ice cream cone and while receiving your change, the ice cream rolled off the cone and dropped onto the floor. theoritically, you have paid for that cone with the fallen … Continue reading

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