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Dinner for three ~ 三个人的晚餐

我准备了晚餐。别担心,能吃的。菜单上有: i prepared dinner. dun worry, its edible. on the menu: 嫩煎蒜茸耶菜花 sauteed broccoli with garlic 清炒辣椒茄子 stir-fried brinjal with chilli 大葱蛋 onion omelette the dinner Originally uploaded by yl. 还蛮象样的哦! looks presentable huh! sauteed broccoli with garlic Originally uploaded … Continue reading

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the mouse trap

i bought a tiny mouse!! my new mini mouse Originally uploaded by yl. isnt it cute???? its optical laptop mouse… @ $12!! i dunno whether it is cheaper or watever… but i do like the fact that it is optical … Continue reading

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blast from past: my ideals ~ 回忆: 我的观念

I have a dream. Write it down, it’s a goal. Pursue it, it’s a target. Achieve it, it’s an accomplishment. Leave it, it’s just a wish. this was my tagline for my now-dead first blog. i fashioned it out of … Continue reading

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on-campus music ~ 校园音乐

i went to an on-campus recital just now. as much as i hate to say this, but i think its pathetic. not that the performer is bad but the audience is bad. i have gone to concerts and performances in … Continue reading

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enough said on this topic. from the definitions of a blog/blogger/blog bitch/blog jerk/blog princess/ and of course, the age old question: what is a blog to you? well, ask anyone this question and the answers range from “oh its a … Continue reading

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the morning-after ~ “那天”过后

sunday. mom made some green bean soup. sunday night. for some perculiar* reasons, some green bean soup remains. mom does her usual food recycling. TADA!!! old school Yummy!!! Originally uploaded by yl. green bean soup became green bean ice cubes. … Continue reading

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GSS = Great Singapore inSanity ~ 新加坡大热买

“ok ok!! get in line please, everyone… let us take a group photo!!” CLICK!! Originally uploaded by yl. first row(L to R): revision assesments books (8 pieces) second row (L to R): 3 gramophone CDs third row (L to R): … Continue reading

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National Library Opening ~ 国家图书馆

i shot this on 17 July 2005. those are not national day’s commando performing. they are cleaners. these days, you need the brains, brawns and courage to be a cleaner. soon such creme de la creme of cleaners shall have … Continue reading

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as i slept, London is being attacked again. Damm the terrorists… for attacking innocents. for blaspheming religion. as much as i think this line is being too extreme, i cant help but to say,”condemm you to hell.”

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a temper ~ 脾气

“i love young women who are angry. but if you don’t transcend that, you become a very disturbed 40-year-old.” – Singer Tori Amos, 41 i threw a temper the day before over some domestic issues and stalked out of the … Continue reading

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