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Ba Chang ~ 棕子

check out the yummy ba chang (rice dumplings) below….. this is just three of the 60+ ba changs my mom singlehandedly made. sometimes mom just does the most amazing things. i supposed all moms are equipped with this in-built functionality … Continue reading

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i cleaned up my act!! 打点干净了!!

i feel so proud of myself!! in 6 hours, i cleared up the two tables i had in my room. bookshelve table – the “after” shot ** Originally uploaded by yl. the bookshelve table was actually filled with stuff which … Continue reading

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is this necessary?? 有这个必要吗??

why do they have to increase my bus fare to give me useless gadgets to tell me i am on board an SMRT bus heading from Singapore, going around Singapore and ending at Singapore???? honestly, as a consumer, this is … Continue reading

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HAhahahahahahaha…… something funny!!

saw this on Jac’s blog. coz its saturday, i am boh liao & i feel that i have all the time in the world, i did the test…. see just how sarcastic Kenny Sia is???? the making of a true … Continue reading

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housewarming ~ 新家入火

with special thanks to Mandrake and Jac, i am now able to blog with liquidblade with all its fanciful features instead of settling for plain old blogspot. thanks to all!! 特别感谢Mandrake and Jac, 我现在能在liquidblade活动而不需要在旧网址呆了。谢谢你们!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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its over

dear, its painful. but i really have to do it. you are no longer able to give me wat i wanted. you are no longer able to satisfy me anymore. we do have a great time together. but it has … Continue reading

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perhaps driving is not that great after all… ~ 或许开车未必是一件好事

now now, for those drivers who is perpetually driving from one point to another and could never understand why non-drivers like me love to take long bus rides, here are some little examples of what you missed when you are … Continue reading

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death & after ~ 死亡与善后

i have been thinking a fair bit about death & after recently. having been through some deaths of close ones and friends, it made me realised tat death is, in fact, always lurking around. i was pig-headed enough not to … Continue reading

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