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breast cancer ~ 乳癌

just learnt that i lost two ex-colleagues, one is a mentor, to breast cancer. to all ladies, please take care of youself. 刚刚才知道乳癌让我失去了两位前同事,其中一位是我的导师。女士们,请你们好好照顾自己。

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sexism?? 性别歧视??

i seldom watched TV. but there has been this particular advertisement tat caught my attention. frame 1: a boring meeting was going on. the chairwoman was drooling on about figures. frame 2: dark sky. a light was casted onto it … Continue reading

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huh??? i also kena hit ar???? ~ 啊??我也中飙了??

for some unknown reasons, i found myself listed as one of the five people who got hit by the music baton… i think the path came from mr miyagi -> mrbrown -> James Seng -> Seng-Ong Hui Leng -> Mama … Continue reading

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world book fair

i heard the world book fair is coming up. and i wonder if i should go. my last experience wasnt too happy….. but the lure of books…. chinese books…..:( ARGHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh…… never mind…. get money already then decide!!

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i went for lecture… ~ 我上讲课了。。。

the lecturer went on and on about the detailed workings of a computer memory chip…. i only understand one fact: my memory chip is already burnt … :( the prison and the jailor…. photo by prisoner 监狱与监狱官。。。图象由囚犯拍摄 Originally uploaded by … Continue reading

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drama of the sky ~ 天空的戏剧

i have been real good today. i walked for 45 mins early in the morning. i ate light soupy lunch and dinner. i drank carrot juices. i did not snack on junk food. i am smaller, i am smaller, i … Continue reading

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brownie points…. all gone!! ~ 童子军积分…全完了!!

in the bid to change my health and appearence, i decide to embark on a self designed dieting plan to reduce my sumo-wrestler weight. to make good my words, i went swimming yesterday morning. i swam 10 laps…. which meant … Continue reading

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the known unknown

So near,seems like we’re meant to go far,seems like its not so.the feeling is too strong to ignore,the feeling is too surreal to grasp.i have known you so well,i have not know you at all.why would i cling to … Continue reading

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necessity is the mother of inventions ~

i need a pen/pencil holder. yes, despite being in a suposedly high-tech industry, i still need something to hold the odds and ends on my work table. too cheapo to spend money on one, i decide to make one myself. … Continue reading

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unveiled!! ~ 揭开神秘面纱!!

there have been requests from online friends requesting for me to post my picture so that they could take a look @ how i look like. well, here’s a picture of me!! ME!!! this is ME!! Originally uploaded by yl. … Continue reading

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