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Familiar ~ 熟悉

When one is bored, they will start to notice and take note of boring things. Look at this blog, don’t you find the picture in the screen behind Anchorwoman Serene Loo looks very familiar? To me, it is very familiar. … Continue reading

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Neighbour ~ 邻居

As I walked towards the lift, my neighbour couple called out to me. Both of them started chatting with me. Funny, isn’t it… that I felt that I had just sat through an interrogation. 当我走向电梯,我的一对邻居在后叫着我,并边走边聊。 不知道为什么,我觉得自己好象刚被人严加拷问。。。

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Alcohol ~ 酒

Gathering. Four humans. One bottle of Lungarotti Rubesco 2004 shared. One half-bottle of dessert wine shared. One shot of Grappa per person. And I am nursing a spinning head. Old liao lah… 聚会。四个人。分享了一瓶Lungarotti Rubesco 2004。分享了半瓶装的甜酒。每人来了一小杯的意大利传统的Grappa烈酒。 而我现在头晕目旋。 老啦。。。…

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悠闲的下午。看这报纸,读了一则有关某的地方发生了命案。读了那个街名,觉得很不熟悉,就问了爸爸。 我:爸爸,莱布道在那里?? 爸:什么莱布道? 我:不知道咧。。。它这里说莱布道发生命案。。。哦。。。不是。。。是我读错。。。是莱市道。。。莱市道在哪里?? 爸:什么莱市道????(走过来看。)哎呀!!!!是菜市道啦!!! ><

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Missing ~ 不见

I lost a book. Right in my room. . . . . . . . . . . . I forgot which shelf had I placed the book. How?? [Update: I found it!!! It wasn’t on the shelves. It was … Continue reading

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Airport ~ 机场

I am at the airport now. No, I am not going overseas. I went to the airport to enjoy a cup of coffee. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere at the airport. Perhaps it is because I do not have … Continue reading

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Roommate ~ 室友

My newest roommate is here. Contrary to my usual unwelcoming attitude towards my last room-mate, somehow, I welcome this little room-mate. Oh, by the way, did I mention that she is the tiniest in the whole apartment but has the … Continue reading

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The memory is working… somehow ~ 那记忆力似乎仍然还在操作中。。。

Late night. Quiet. Good for sound editing. I needed a particular piece of music from this particular CD I clearly remembered having since it used to be one of my favourite CD. Searched my CD drawer. Not there. Searched my … Continue reading

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Communicate ~ 交流

I love the way we communicate at home. Just today… Phone rings. Me: Hallo?? Dad: Hallo??? What is THE auntie doing?? Me: hahahaha… THE Auntie is ironing the clothes… Hang on… AUNTIE!!!! Mum: Who is it? Me: THE Ah Chek … Continue reading

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