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Cool it ~ 冷静

Shit happens. Well, if I say I am totally unaffected, I am lying through my teeth. I could only say that I am trying my best not to be affected. Well, the target is me, how could I not be … Continue reading

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Amazing ~ 惊奇

Isn’t it amazing that gmail states that I am not logged into my Chat because there is some problems with my internet connection. I am not able to attach or send out my emails successfully. I cannot access my inbox … Continue reading

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Ouch!!! ~ 啊!!!

No, I didn’t fell down and hurt myself again. I was merely describing the pang of pain I felt when I saw a pregnant lady smoking at the main gate of an office building. Because smoking right outside the main … Continue reading

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Teacher ~ 老师

I saw an ex-teacher today. An ex-teacher from a school I attended more than a decade ago. She has never taught me before, but somehow, I recognised her and even managed to put a name to the face. However, the … Continue reading

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To: someone ~ 至:某人

Someone complained that I “never say anything”. Someone commented that I am “very enigmatic”. All in all, I wonder why. I am merely protecting myself. I am merely protecting the privacy of the people who had confided their secrets to … Continue reading

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Reunion dinner ~ 团圆饭

I realized that it is very therapeutic to be washing dishes after the reunion dinner. With that, the most fun part of the Chinese New Year is gone and what’s left is the rather distasteful part of house-visiting and fending … Continue reading

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请问:我的付出,是为了什么? 一切的付出,其实没有人在乎。 以前的快乐,全都随风而去。 名与利,我没看在眼里。 我到底在乎什么? 请问:我到底是为了什么? 我,真的看不到前面的道路。 或许,是已经到了离别之季。 或许,是我对人心与人性要求过高。 或许。或许。或许。

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Fall ~ 跌

I survived pretty unscathed (other than being drenched, that is.) from the walk in the terribly heavy topical thunderstorm where one gets wet even if you are carrying a golf umbrella. Only to fell down and twist my ankle badly … Continue reading

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不想我的投入,被你的不在乎沾污了。 不想我的欢乐,被你的不通情霸占了。 不想我的付出,被你的不满意淹没了。 不想我的坚持,被你的不体谅覆盖了。 不要你空有的承诺。 不要你虚情的赞美。 不要你善意的谎言。 不要你无聊的吹捧。 要那忘我的投入,让世界只有我自私的存在。 要那无私的包容,让世界只有我任性的挥霍。 要那无情的奔跑,让世界只有我前进的足迹。 要那狂野的放纵,让世界只有我自我的嚣张。 我。不。想。要。 你?明?白?吗?

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亲爱的日记, 最近,染上了惰性。 其实,是一直都在的惰性。 只不过,最近变本加厉而已。 所以,除了自己的日常生活琐事以外, 连你也一律被打入冷宫。 因为, 我懒惰。

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