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Saving up ~ 省钱

I missed his Revolution concert. I missed his Heroes of the Earth concert. Now, he is coming to town with his Music-Man World Tour 2008 concert. I wanted to go. Then I thought of my plan. Money is much tighter … Continue reading

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“莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。。。” 清楚地知道自己已“白了少年头”了,所以“莫等闲”了。今天终于去做一件避免自己将来会“空悲切”的事情。 紧张。害怕。不安。 我。。。真的可以吗??我。。。会不会在不久的将来做出对不起自己的事情?? 紧张。害怕。不安。

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“莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。。。” 真的。。。 “莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。。。” 我真的不想“等闲”了。。。因为本人已经开始“白了少年头”了。。。所以不希望有“空悲切”的情况出现。。。

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Next lap ~ 路程

The lap has ended. I have to admit that I do have some daredevil and rather willful plans for the next lap. And I wonder if I should participate in the graduation fiasco. Sometimes, I wonder: shouldn’t good old pa … Continue reading

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Willful ~ 任性

Willful. Because when the day come for me to leave this world and fly towards The Light, I really don’t want to be looking back, regretting why I hadn’t done that back then. I think, I am going to be … Continue reading

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Distinction ~ 特优

Someone got a distinction in a particular exam. And I am deemed responsible for it. The usual many thanks, expressed in varying tones of appreciation. But I feel no sense of achievement, jubilant or triumph. Not a speck. Because I … Continue reading

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Those starry starry stuff… ~ 那些关于星星的事情。。。

This is one of the daily reading of my astrology signs: Though you’re fairly happy with the way things have been going, you still need to initiate a few minor changes in order to feel right about it all. Now … Continue reading

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Psychic ~ 未卜先知

I think I must have been a psychic. Yesterday night, just before I sleep, this words suddenly popped in unceremoniously into my mind. I used my mobilephone to note it down: It’s ok if you can’t see where the road … Continue reading

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Road ~ 路

When a person reaches the junction of her life, where is she supposed to move on next?? Should she turn left, or should it be right?? For all you know, she should be moving on in the same lane. There … Continue reading

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天啊。。。我不想怨天尤人。我不需要人的可怜。我有手,有脚,有教育。只要我努力不放弃,我相信我可以成全我自己。 但是请问:祢让我到这个世界来是要做什么呢?!?!?!不可能就是要我在这世界吃喝拉撒,给家人添过多的麻烦后就离开吧?!?!?!祢不可能费了那么多力,从安排我出生、长大、读书,各种各样的人生经验,给了我梦想、给了我目标,就是要我最后什么都没做成地离开这世界吧?!?!?!我的人生不可能就只是吃喝拉撒而已吧?!?!?! 我真的看不到祢到底要我接下来做什么。祢之前给我的起示,我已经尽量照做了,但是不知道是我误会了祢的意思,因为我有时候真的很钝的。我去尝试了,也失败了。尽管不能算是惨痛的失败,但仍然是一个让人失去一些信心的失败。我尽量把失去的那一点信心找回来。因为我相信如果祢发现我走错了方向,等我终于把经验累积够了,祢会给我一个明确的方向的。 我清楚得知道自己没有投诉的权力,因为我已经是属于那种很好命了。但是我仍然不禁要抱怨一下,请问老天啊,祢到底是要我到这个世界上来干嘛啊???请不要在暗示我了。。。给我点明示好不好???我这人很钝的。。。太含蓄的东西我肯定不够醒目去察觉的,所以祢还是直截了当告诉我吧!! 谢谢祢哦。。。 后续:忽然想起。。。为什么祢不让我做那种“从小就知道自己将来要做一个*什么什么什么*的,所以就一直朝这个方向走。。。”的人呢???或许是我真的很钝,祢给的方向,我没有走到终点就被吸引到其他道路上去了。好了。。。不抱怨了。是我的错。。。

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