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Bean sprouts ~ 豆牙

When you are eating outside, what is the thing that would really get to you?? For me, it would be the fact that the husks of the green beans are served together with the bean sprouts. To me, it could … Continue reading

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Food!! ~ 食物!!

Here’s some of the stuff that I have been stuffing into my fat face… Mountain of peanuts!!!! Originally uploaded by yl. I had this at the kopitiam at Bukit Batok interchange. It’s the supposedly new concoction – peanut ice kachang. … Continue reading

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Vegetable test ~ 蔬菜大考验

Ok, here’s a test on how well you know your vegetables. What kind of vegetables is it in the photo below?? Photo credit: Mrs Wang from Originally uploaded by yl. 好,测试你们对蔬菜的了解有多深。请问以上照片里的蔬菜是什么??

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Sometimes… ~ 有时候。。。

…food tastes better than they are messily and haphazardly plated. Feels more “alive”, don’t you think so?? lunch Originally uploaded by yl. 。。。食物就是要乱七八糟的一团才会好吃。感觉上比较“活”了,不是吗??

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About Mama’s Day ~ 关于妈妈节

Reason for loving you It is Mother’s day today. I did not do anything. Or rather, our whole family did not do anything. If gifts are the signs of love, then why must we wait for a special day to … Continue reading

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I love soup ~ 我爱喝汤

I love soup, be it the angmo kind or the chinese kind (Disclaimer: as long as the Chinese kind doesn’t involve any exotic meats or an overload of MSG). And I spent a lovely time at a particular soup restaurant … Continue reading

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Little woman ~ 小女人心理

Clutching a bag of potato chips, I offered it to THE auntie. Auntie: I don’t want. Me: Aiyah, eat lah… I have already opened it. Auntie: Keep it in the fridge lorh… It will still be crunchy one. Me: If … Continue reading

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food wastage ~ 暴敛殄天物

The little girl took a piece of the (branded) cookie and starts licking the jam on top of the cookie before dumping the cookie into the wastepaper basket. I can’t help but to ask her why did she do that? … Continue reading

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Is there something wrong?? ~ 这么做有错吗??

I was at a particular Ramen chain restaurant yesterday, having my dinner. You know, that particular one that claimed that their ramen have “thousands tastes”. As I was waiting for my orders to be served, the young family at the … Continue reading

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wastage ~ 浪费

now that i am watching my diet, i have been controlling my food intake with a focus on the light and healthy. however, to prevent the dam from a catastrophic bursting, i do allow myself a certain qouta of junk … Continue reading

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