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人在开心的时候,时间总是过得特别快。十堂课,很快就要结束了。非常享受那种脑部刺激与滋润。每次去都会觉得自己学到了东西,尽管我还是觉得老师是位落差很大的矛盾人,尽管我对某些同学仍然不太会欣赏。但是如果课程结束了,大家散了,我还是会伤感。。。不错,是可以在约出来见面、玩,但是相比之下感觉不同了。 伤感。。。真希望时间别过得那么快。。。 p/s: 最近老是被人称做“小妹妹” 。。。真不知道是指我还不够成熟呢,还是我的成就没啥好提的(毕竟“小妹妹”还是学生嘛!!)。今天终于发飙了。那位先生左一句“小妹妹”,右一句“小妹妹”。结果,惹得我当众叫他“大哥哥”与他“对质”了,搞得他似乎有点措手不及。。。哈哈!!!!下次别惹“小妹妹”了!!是好恶心的一件事情啊!!

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I’m not there ~ 我不在

I was a trainee of the 11th Radio DJ Training Course. I have attended every lesson except for the last one. I was absent because I was busy queuing up and pursuing my dreams. I wasn’t there. Originally uploaded by … Continue reading

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the beginning of the end of my complaints ~ 我开始投诉的结束

i had blogged about my plot to getting out of school here. i am having jitters now whether i could do it now that i had my first session of lecture and, subsequently, tutorial. my lecturer is a very busy … Continue reading

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my cello teacher just told me that she is moving places… right to the condominium development that is literally across the street from my current residence. considering that i used to travel about 4hours to and fro where she used … Continue reading

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Protected: someone ~ 某某人

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hardware & software ~ 硬件与软件

today, during my own piano lesson. piano teacher:actually your hands is one of the most suitable type to play piano. me: eh… sure or not??? last time my cello teacher also say that my hands very suitable for playing cello. … Continue reading

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smartass ~ 假聪明

one part of my AMusTCL homework last week was to copy out passages from the Riemenschneider edition of Bach’s 371 harmonized chorales to get us used to Bach’s harmonizing and writing of chorale style, which forms a major part of … Continue reading

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darn it!! ~ 他*的!!

my uni has an email alert system that we, the busy working adults, could subscribe to in order to keep track of the various news and notices in the uni website. today, 14 July 2006, friday, i received an email … Continue reading

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考试前的一个钟头,我与同学通电话,对话如下: 同学:YL,如何??准备得怎么样?? 我:咳。。。现在只能用“束手待毙,等待死亡”来形容我。。。 同学:哈哈哈。。。 你是“束手待毙,等待死亡”,我可是“入土归安”了!! 听说压力是导致死亡的罪魁祸首。。。

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self sabotaging ~ 自我破坏

has anyone of you been in the situation where you feel that something that you want to do is beyond you, but when you are doing it, you are able to do it?? and when you have completed it, you … Continue reading

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