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晚餐要吃什么呢?肚子好饿啊! 但是要吃什么呢?这里有什么东西好吃? 去那家香港茶餐厅?不不不。。。不好。不要。 到底要去那里吃晚餐?肚子好饿,口好渴。 去那咖啡厅吃?好像很多人。。。 肚子饿,口好渴。 书局?进去看看,顺便再想想要去那里吃晚餐。 咦?这两本书几时再版的? 好久没有买英文书了。要买吗? 不可以,要省钱。 去图书馆借借看? 下次来可就没有咯! 这种书,图书馆里也未必有。 别那么看不起图书馆嘛!可能有呢? 万一图书馆里没有,要回来这里买也没有了,怎么办? 买还是不买? 两本啊。。。 三十多块。。。 要不要? 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 … Continue reading

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Happy ~ 开心

Westerners have a saying: if things goes wrong, it means that one has got off on the wrong side of the bed.The placement of my bed is alongside the wall on the left side. Which means I could only get … Continue reading

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Room Decorations ~ 房间点缀

I thought that my room walls here too empty. So a couple weeks back, I went to Ikea and bought a flower flower picture. Having put it up, I felt that it was still rather empty. So in the end, … Continue reading

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Dictionaries ~ 字典

Do you remember your first Chinese dictionary? I remember my first Chinese dictionary was one with a yellow-green and yellow covered one where I got it as some form of award in school. My second Chinese Dictionary was one that … Continue reading

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Nope… I didn’t buy a watch… ~ 没有,我没有买一只手表。。。

… I bought TWO!! Originally uploaded by yl. 。。。我买了两只!!

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Joy ~ 快乐

I do not consider myself to be someone who buys funny, rather impractical, oh-so-cute stuff that do not have a particular meaning. However, the feeling of being beaten can be so powerful that it could totally reverse the personality of … Continue reading

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On crazed spending ~ 疯狂花钱

A few days ago, I spent about $70-plus on cosmetics basics and $195 on 5 pairs of bottoms (My current jeans had holes in them… and i wasn’t being hippie!!). Today, I spent $100 for deposit for a new pair … Continue reading

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bargain ~ “杀”价

well, i am the sort of girl who doesnt use half dozen bags, hundred bottoms, thousand tops and ten thousand shoes in assorted colours. let’s talk about bags today. although i owe about six bags, i only lug the particular … Continue reading

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hello world!! ~ 哈咯世界!!

so i have bought myself a palm pda. once upon a time, when the no-colour palmIII was a “new” IT gadget to have, an ex-coursemate exclaimed, in her typical dramatic fashion, “I NEED A PALM! I REALLY NEED A PALM … Continue reading

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lights II ~ 灯II

ok, thanks to baffie the whineslayer about my lights post, i went to fool around with the white balance thingy and looks like this is a better representation of the lights in my room… the new lights in my room. … Continue reading

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