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You have always been an unlucky fellow ~ 《你一向是个倒霉鬼》

Old Tom was lying on his deathbed. Beside the bed was his lawful wife of 50 years. “Rose, I have been thinking,” Said the dying old man, “You were there when the house caught fire; You accompanied me when the … Continue reading

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It’s all Cai Kang Yong’s doing!! ~ 都是蔡康永害的!!

I seldom blog about books. Because I am a fast reader and often, the ideas flash in my mind faster than I could blog them down. Moreover, those ideas have the habit of disappearing when I am sitting in front … Continue reading

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nerd ~ 书呆子

you know you are a nerd when: you go around buying books almost all your close friends know where to start looking for you when you suddenly go missing during our outing (“any bookstores nearby??? just go there to check … Continue reading

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who decides my happiness ~ 谁决定我的快乐

i was on the bus, reading, travelling towards my destination and silently lamenting about how troublesome the heavy rainpour is when i read the following essay that is compiled in my book. a friend who happened to be with columnist … Continue reading

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a joke ~ 笑话

i had finished reading this book. but this particular joke stuck itself to my mind. embarassed the HR manager of a particular firm issued this instruction on the payslip acknowledgement to all employees: “your pay is your privacy. please do … Continue reading

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a slave of perfection ~ 完美主义的奴隶

i was reading this chinese book titled 《一千零一则处世智典》when the DJs went on about how Britney Spears had filed for divorce from her ermmmm second husband, citing irreconcilable differences. cant help but wonder at the way things tied up… coz i … Continue reading

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organised bookshelves ~ 收拾书橱

was chitchatting with a uni friend when she mentioned that she had just finished tidying up the many volumes of books she had procured at the MPH booksale and is currently mired in a strong sense of accomplishment while ruthlessly … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Choy

mention Elizabeth Choy, and many people would relate her to World War II. she survived the torture. but just now many people knew that she was the founder and the first principal for the School of the Blind?? remember Eric … Continue reading

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convenience ~ 方便

remember this where i scooted downstairs for an after-dinner stroll and ended up $25.80 poorer?? well, two of the books i bought downstairs are those sci-fic in two parts… of which i had bought only the first part but not … Continue reading

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too much of a good thing ~ 太多好事

i only wanted to scoot downstairs for a quick after-dinner walk. now, i wonder if having second-hand book traders coming by near your place to display and sell books on a regular basis is a good thing. there is such … Continue reading

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